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Don't Mess Around

Almost all of the functions in your body are controlled by hormones. In the same way that you can not and should not try to alter processes such as growth and metabolism, sexuality is not something you should mess with either. By the time is puberty is over in the late teens, there is nothing you could do to stop the train from moving full speed ahead. Even according to Jewish traditions, it is considered a sin to postpone marriage beyond a certain age. Nevertheless, our society has made it commonplace for people to get married at an age way beyond the boundaries of biology and religion. The most popular excuses are use “I want to finish school” or “I can’t support a family right now.” In the mean time, guys and gals simply cannot put a hold on their hormones. The consequences being that people either spend their years in sad loneliness or have intimate relations and unforgettable experiences out of wedlock.*

Later, when they are finally done with undergraduate school, graduate school, and have a small fortune, they expect to find someone who is going to be their soul mate. What we are not realizing is that by this time, its too late. You have already lost the opportunity to be young with the person whom you will spend the rest of your life with. The memories that you have already made, or hoped to make, have been forfeited to time and will eventually disappear. This is one of the biggest problems in our community because, to put it simply, people are giving up their lives when they can’t deal with their hormones in the proper way. There is only one remedy to this problem. We need to give proper respect to the chemicals in our bodies and the desires in our heads by getting married early. We should actively pursue a lifestyle that promotes marriage. This means taking more responsibilities for our lives, leaving home before the age of thirty-three, and dating with for the sake of marriage, not physical attraction. Don’t mess with our religious traditions. Don’t mess with biology. Don’t mess around!

*Helen Fisher of Rutgers University has identified three stages of love that are driven by the actions of hormones. Lust responds mainly -- in both sexes -- to testosterone. Attraction is marked by high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine norepinehprine (adrenaline), the heart-pumping hormone used to respond to emergencies, and low levels of serotonin, another major neurotransmitter. Attachment is associated with oxytocin, a hormone released during childbirth and nursing, and vasopressin, or anti-diuresis hormone

weekly rant - 'slowly but surely'

the old persian jewish traditions, and knowledge of it, are being lost. i, personally, can only think of a handful of customs or minhagim specifically persian (dayenu?), which is testament to the level of culture loss in our 2000+ year old community. take prayer for example, there are very few people, myself included that know truly persian jewish tunes and melodies of prayers, some even complain that they are boring and sad. most worshipers either pray with americanized boy-band type melodies with choruses and high pitches, or they pray with arabized melodies with sounds coming strictly from the throat and the nasal.

i would also say that an understanding of the level of religious life and observance in iran has also been lost. you can be hinted to this misunderstanding of the youth, when they ask you ‘Are you a Conservative or Orthodox Jew’? the concept that there was only ONE type of jew in iran is totally foreign to them. they do not understand that in iran, there were all types of levels of religious observance, some much stricter than others, but nevertheless the entire community was accepting of everyone and everyone respected the Divinity of our Holy Torah. has been launched!

i am very excited for the release of this website, unfortunately the quality of the level of media in our community, persian jews of la, is very poor. there is nothing that involves a community wide effort, people like me have started little organizations here and there hoping that it will take off, but nothing truly community wide.

with that, i hope that this site becomes a portal for all who are connected to torah or starting to get connected to it, and that it becomes a forum where we can share resources in order to engage ourselves better.

i ask that everyone contribute as much as they can, articles, interesting links, comments, suggestions, criticisms, pictures and anything else that would like to be shared with our audience.

and dont let the name fool you, there is no official persian rabbi at this web site.